Choosing Bunk Bed Singapore

Choosing Bunk Bed Singapore


If it is your first time, it can be daunting to choose the bunk bed singapore for your kids. Not only the wood bed frame singapore as the factor that makes you deterred, but also other factors like the types, colors, designs, shapes, etc. Of course it is totally understandable. With the many choices in the physical stores and online retailers, this can be overwhelming for you as parents.


Deciding on what type of bunk bed singapore for your children does not have to be that hard. In Wihardja collection, you could contact the customer support to suggest you the right bunk bed which will fit your room. Not to mention that if you browse Wihardja gallery thoroughly, you will come across something that you really need.


Bunk beds come with high-quality wood bed frame singapore so that it is safe for your children. Bunk beds are also perfect option to save space in your house. When choosing a bunk bed it is very important to pick one which fits well with the available space in the kids’ room.


Most bunk bed comes in different styles and colors. Some bunk beds even come with two separate beds. This is a very helpful feature since it allows a parent to separate the beds once the kids are growing. When they are bigger, they surely want to have their own bed. And you can make it happen. There are some sizes of the double decker beds such as twin over twin, a twin over full, and a full over full.


If saving space is really your objective now, the most appropriate bunk bed type is twin over twin. It is obvious. It takes the least amount of space and is affordable. But if you are thinking about long term use as your kids will grow taller and bigger, you could consider purchasing the full over full bunk bed.


The key to choose the right bunk bed singapore for your kids is to pick one which has a ladder to the top bunk, or a staircase. And knowing that your kids can be reckless and careless, you need to pick one which has the safest ladder or staircase to climb. From what we’ve reviewed, bunk bed with the staircase is proven to be a safer choice than a ladder. A ladder is much riskier and your kids could get injured when falling from the ladder.


You could find the wide array of ideas of bunk bed singapore in Wihardja. So, come over and make your goal comes true.

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