Magic Koil Innovation Plush Top with Anti Mosquitoes & Dust Mite Cover Mattress


A mosquito buzzing around your room is not only extremely annoying, but an apparently innocent bite can have grave consequences. Magic Koil Innovation mattress not only keeps out the mosquitos and other annoying insects, it also protects against dustmites and keeps fungi and bacteria out of your mattress cover. And precisely because it fully protects against dust mites, this mattress is recommended for people suffering from asthma, sinus infections, eczema, hay ever, and other allergies. Magic Koil Innovation does not release any volatile organic components, and is absolutely harmless for the human body.
Sleep peacefully with Innovation Anti Mosquito. In addition to the mosquito repellent soft knitted fabric, the resilient foam plush top promotes deep, relaxing, restorative sleep, while the firm individual pocket spring base provides unparalleled support.
A foam encasement sits around the border of the mattress. This allows you to sleep right to the edge of your mattress without sagging, and provides you with more sleep space than a standard mattress.
– 1pc x Magic Pillow for Single / Super Single Size
– 2pc x Magic Pillow for Queen / King Size
– 1pc x Mattress Protector
– Old Mattress Disposal

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